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Tutoring, Mentoring and ADHD Coaching: 

Tutoring Services: ADHD Coaching

Thank you for visiting my site! I've been working with students of all ages in the Portland area since 2014, and have helped over 50 students and their families progress towards a more balanced and independent life.


The majority of the students I am serving are neurodivergent, have ADHD, or are on the Autism spectrum. I work on a sliding scale and try my best to adapt my fees to fit family income and budgets. Please contact me at or 541-390-0216 if you're interested in setting up a phone or Zoom call. 

I worked in public schools as a Teaching Assistant from 2014-2017 in the Salem-Keizer School District, then Portland Public Schools, and lastly the Gresham-Barlow School District. My formal training is first and foremost experience with students: I have also been trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of tutoring, as well as the Socratic Method in conjunction with AVID tutoring. 


I hold a bachelors degree in English from Willamette University, where I was the captain of the basketball team and earned a nomination for NCAA Division 3 National Player of the Year in 2013. My athletics background informs my approach and philosophy to mentoring and coaching the young people I work with; I am a firm believer in the power of practice, habits, and the ability to consciously manifest change within one's life. The young people I have coached have achieved grades, certificates, and independence that they've worked extremely hard for. Ultimately, the goal is for your child to eventually not "need" me to grow and progress in their life. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you: please do not hesitate to reach out!

Poetry Inquiries? Like the book?

IG: Seandartpoetry

phone Number: 541-390-0216

Client Testimonials Available Upon Request!



Sean Dart began writing poetry in Bend, Oregon, while in elementary school. For fun, he’d twist the lyrics of Blink-182 and Kanye West to make his brother laugh. From there, poetry was a natural progression and began to offer itself as a way to assign language and cadence to abstract feelings.


Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Sean works as a tutor for students with documented learning disabilities. His work reminds him that questions hold a tremendous power; the bravery to ask them, and the courage to parse or cobble their answers. This is a dynamic he aims to channel and shape into poetry.


He studied creative writing at Willamette University, where he was an All-American basketball player. The balletic motion of basketball informs his work, “I’m certain LeBron James writes poems on the court, and has forgotten more about poetry than I’ll will ever know.”


Sean is energized by the incredible work of contemporary poets, musicians and artists, and is humbled to be generating work at a time where language feels as alive and urgent as ever. For as long as he’s blessed to put words on the page, he will be aiming to draw from those who came before us in an effort to make for better futures; where questions are embraced, ideas are given light, and answers come just in time to keep us asking.



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